Donald J. Flynn, Cinematographer & Executive Producer

Don Flynn, Jacksonville Cinematographer since 1981

Don Flynn Pictures, Inc., opened in March 1993 with one goal in mind: to deliver creative, conscientious video productions and superior customer service. For twenty years, DFP has produced, directed, photographed and post-produced award-winning projects, ranging from thirty-second commercials to hour-long documentaries, for local, national and international customers.  Always keeping their clients’ visions in mind, the DFP team has grown with the industry’s technology and honed an experienced, artistic flare with a style centered on storytelling, selling ideas, and motivating change.  On television, online, or anywhere, Don Flynn Pictures, Inc., will bring your picture to life. Donald began his cinematographer career in 1981 as a news photojournalist, chronicling events in Miami, then he moved to Jacksonville for a similar position.  After covering news for several years, he began working at a local production company where he learned the business of video production and gained a more imaginative and inspired maturity behind the camera.  In 1993, Donald opened Don Flynn Pictures, Inc., providing his personal perspective to the video production industry.  From his early 1990’s experience shooting “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol,” Donald developed a strong interest in law enforcement, and today serves as an Auxiliary State Trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol.  Along with providing Cinematography production services to customers across the nation and around the world, Donald enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and spending time with his family and his beloved dog, Flipper.