Introducing the New Don Flynn Pictures Website

website ssThank you for taking a look around the new DFP website. Under the portfolio tab, there are numerous sample video projects that represent my cross section of strength as an Executive Producer/Director, Cinematographer and Director of Photography. With more than 30 years of practice in the video production arena, I’ve learned a few unique tricks that help enhance each production. The tricks are not an industry or trade secret, but rather, how and when I implement them are which sets me apart from my competition. I also have a maturity and compassion for your project in this always evolving digital industry. I’m keenly aware of your budget, and I will not add on a service or al a carte a piece of rental gear just because I know how to use it. Together, we have one goal in mind: get the results you want at the wisest investment possible. I’m good with that. In fact, I want to exceed your expectations. Keep one thing in mind:  while it’s true we’re not reinventing the wheel here, everything we do is new. You won’t find a more compassionate and committed director than me. I guess that’s why my clients in town and from other countries, happily send me to where their production action takes place. They trust me, and I appreciate them. Strong relationships build strong, solid projects. Your investment dollars are more effective when you select someone who knows what to do with today’s technology to help you achieve more. That person is me, and that company is  DFP!